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Frequently Asked Questions for Homeowners, Realtors® and Builders

What is staging?

  • A service performed by a trained professional to help your home sell faster and for more money!
  • A service that will ensure your home appeals emotionally and visually to the largest pool of buyers!

Why stage a home? Staged homes:

  • Sell 50% faster than non-staged homes!
  • Realize a selling price of 2-10% greater than a non-staged home!
  • Secure the equity in a home with a quick sale!
  • Create more showings, more traffic, more offers!
  • Eliminate price reductions.
  • Mean less time on the market, lower advertising cost!
  • Create an advantage over competing homes in the same price range.
  • Ease the stress, time and planning of doing it yourself!
  • Are Affordable!
  • Bottom Line: More money in your pocket and less time on the market!

Realtors and Builders hire a Staging Professional for these additional advantages:

  • It’s an added benefit service they can offer their clients.
  • It builds a reputation for showing the best houses quickly and without price reductions.
  • It helps to retain a great working relationship with their client.
  • Satisfied clients lead to an impressive reputation and greater referrals.
  • Builders obtain their initial investment and gain a quicker profit.
  • An empty home that has been staged allows a potential buyer to see the function of each room and helps them to picture themselves living comfortably in the home.

Why stage a home if it will sell eventually?

  • More time on the market means more costs for you!
  • Not all homes sell!
  • The longer a home is on the market, the greater chance of having to reduce the asking price or take it off of the market entirely!

When should a home be staged?

  • Ideally, prior to listing so it can be presented at its best the first time around.
  • After they have been on the market without having sold.
  • Whichever the case, the results can be dramatic!

What is the difference between redecorating and staging?

  • Decorating and design concentrate on personalizing a space.
  • Staging is used to depersonalize a home so that is appeals to a wide range of potential buyers.

What about the costs of staging a home?

  • The staging process begins with a comprehensive staging report that is used to determine and prioritize a home’s particular needs and maximize the home's potential.
  • Staging costs are returned back in your pocket once your home is sold.
  • A home is staged according to tasks at hand, time frame, and most important, budget!
  • Most homes can be staged rather inexpensively.

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